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What else can you do to stay healthy?

You need to get an adequate amount of sleep each night! There is definitely truth behind the, getting beauty sleep phrase! Also, be sure to drink your 8 glasses of water a day! These two easy essentials can do wonders for the body! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Yen Reply:

    In order to stay healthy during flu season, the best thing to do is to keep the immune How to Keep the Flu Virus From Spreading What else can you do? Well Source:

  2. Kyoko Reply:

    Wear clean underwear and socks every day, and never wear your uniform more than 2 days in a row (helps keep skin and feet healthy) Do not eat or drink (including from canteens) after anyone Eat healthy food, drink plenty of fluids and get e

  3. Carlotta Reply:

    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables daily to stay active and energetic. Eat your food moderately not heavy meaning don’t eat that much food. Exercise at least two or three times a week for circulation. Source:

  4. Setsuko Reply:

    It is important to be healthy so that you can have a long and quality life. Eating healthy foods and exercising are vital in maintaining good health. It protects us from many diseases as well as gives us the energy needed to complete daily … Source:

  5. Georgeanna Reply:

    Staying healthy is important because it helps to insure a long life free of disease. <br/> If you are healthy and can participate in different activities, you are most likely a happier person. Health also helps to improve how happy you are. Source:

  6. Johnetta Reply:

    Is it healthy to eat less but drink more calories(soda, milkshakes) take vitamins and stay healthy about 1000 calories from food? I would like to intake daily and 600 from sod

  7. Berenice Reply:

    Unfortunately Not!!! All the information that is shoved down our throats is either miss-directed information or is there to get us to buy something!The best areas for health issues are those that are none profit making, either medical or government supported agencies!The other factor is down to the human body; each of us is different so what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else!When it comes down to it the cosmetic industry have the monopoly on confusion! Which they rely on to sell their products!A dermatologist (Hospital) is the only person who can best advise you on the best skin care! He has no axe to grind, just sound medical advice!Try these sites for straight forward advice:http://www!eatwell!gov!uk/http://www!nutrition!org!uk/home!asp??siteId=43sectionId=shttp://www!nutritiondata!com/One thing to remember is that if you eat healthly your skin will follow suit as will your hair!I know exaclty how you feel I used to get the same questions day after day!

  8. Johnette Reply:

    How do you can stay healthy? Teenagers like us can stay healthy by exercising. We can get ourselves engaged in an activity that involves movement. One good

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