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What happens when you sleep too long?

In a 6 year study, concluded in 2002, it found that people who sleep more than 9 hours a night tend to die a bit sooner! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Luvenia Reply:

    What Happens When You Sleep With Contacts On?. However, research shows that wearing contact lenses for long periods of time can be harmful to or blurry vision, but wearing your contact lenses for too long can cause these problems. Source:

  2. Michaele Reply:

    Does the contact lenses hurt when u sleep with it what happens? If you leave them in your eyes too long and then take them out, there will be

  3. Denise Reply:

    If you are sleeping 10-12 hours a day,that is too much sleep. A nice amount is 6-8 hours and too little would be 3-5 hours, you would not be able to function too well. Source:

  4. Carmela Reply:

    Really anything over 7 1/2 hours of sleep is really to much sleep. It has been said that those who sleep 8 hours and over or under 6 1/2 hours may just shorten their life. There could be other health risks linked with to much sleep especial… Source:

  5. Pansy Reply:

    The body rest and restores its energy level. The body cycles during sleep. One normally dreams during sleep. During the deep stages of sleep the body regenerates itself. Source:

  6. Alberta Reply:

    Does the spinfaktor hg yo-yo sleep as long as the hit man(non hybrid)? How long do they sleep? Both yo-yos are made by Yoyojam.

  7. Judie Reply:

    nope, nothing horrible happens–but youre not supposed to sleep in them cuz theres a slight chance that they may irritate your eyes and screw up your vision,but thats only if you are sleeping with them for like a very long time–like a day or so,but there have been many instances when i have fallen asleep for like 10-15 mins, and the only thing is that your contacts feel really dry and sticky and well they move around, so it took a while for me to adjust my contacts back to the right place! If you do happen to fall asleep in your contacts, remove your contacts and apply the lens solution to them so they can become moist again! BUT THEY DO NOT ROLL BACK in your eye or w/e, thats impossible cuz of all the nerves and stuff connected to your eye, so dont worry about that!And dont wear your contacts during road trips so you easily relax and go to sleep for as long as you want,

  8. Rosemary Reply:

    like eyeliner and face powder, come off during the day or a night as you sleep. If you leave them on too long nothing will happen except your eyes may

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