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What helps you fall asleep?

Doing some light reading, drinking a warm cup or milk, sleeping in a comfortable bed help you to fall asleep! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lael Reply:

    Avoid stimulants such as coffee and some teas before bed, since they can interfere with your body's ability to help you get to sleep. Darken your room as much Source:

  2. Devorah Reply:

    Well if you go to sleep late you will wake up late and don’t take naps. I wake up at like 12 or 1 n I can’t sleep till the AM. I tried braking it by waking up earlier like 8-10 and that would make me go to sleep earlier. But you can’t take

  3. Signe Reply:

    Warm yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea. Use as little honey and sugar as possible. Pick out a book that you have read before. A new book may tend to wake up and excite your mind and make you want to keep reading more. Lay in bed, make sur… Source:

  4. Salley Reply:

    Tell your children that bedtime is coming soon. Let them know bedtime will be in a few minutes. It’s a good idea to build up to bedtime within your routine. For example, have dinner as a family , announce bedtime soon, then have clean-up ti… Source:

  5. Isabel Reply:

    Ever since the birth of the first baby, parents have wrestled from time to time with the question of how to coax the little one to sleep for the night. Babies require three basic things to allow them to fall asleep: they must feel physicall… Source:

  6. Mark Reply:

    What helps you fall asleep? For me, i look at my glow in the dark stars on my ceiling…Yeah im 21 but i love the stars.

  7. Judie Reply:

    i have two way to get back your good night sleet on healthy life line!! and this are (easy way or hard way)[but maybe its good to try the easy way first and the easy way are] 1-maditation or music or fresh aire or cool water before sleep becose the point is it makes our heart and brain more cool by slowing dwn blood flow and thats the only way to make our body to sleep in healthy way 2-stress and fear and worry might make our body more hot and that hot never let us slow dwn blood flow to keep our heart and brain cool and so be feithfull and pray and be cool and always tell to your self like first- thing-first or like its too easy or act lik ;;ohh i am sleepy now !!!! i feel very sleepy!!! i have no power to think or feel now!! [and its good if all works but if not then welcom to hard way to rock and the hard way is] 1-do not sleep one night and one day untill 11 or 12 pm even it might makes you want to sleep in day time and eat good and drink more green tea or have more good fun to fool your brain to awek and it is very healthy if you dont do it too much and it is one of tibetan dream yoga teknik 2-we must 100% know and feel what sleep is mean for life and health and mind and even business and then promise that we will always wak up in 6 or 7 am and will always sleep in 11 and 12 pm and we will also teach this to our child toothanks and wish it help you or come to my blog tell4thing!blogspot!com becose i have put more link of stress and insomnia but first try what i tell you before and come to my blog if it dont help but i am 90% sure it works becose i have insomneia and i have try it beforthanks agein and wish you happy and healthy and good luck for what ever you do in lifefrom

  8. Roxann Reply:

    It may initially help you sleep because of drowsiness but then, of course, it will be excreted by the kidneys to give you a full bladder a few hours later, thus

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