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What is easy ways to get my daughter to sleep?

If she is a baby swaddling always helps a baby go to sleep! Another option is to co sleep but some people are against that! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mazie Reply:

    How to Get a Toddler to Sleep. If your child still naps, but then has trouble getting to sleep at night, try shortening . How to Help My Toddler to Sleep Easier Source:

  2. Melva Reply:

    How do I teach my child good sleep habits? Here are some "Do’s and Don’ts": DO : Make bedtime a special time.

  3. Serina Reply:

    Put a little honey in a glass of milk and put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Put on a TV or radio. The sound will… Source:

  4. Eloisa Reply:

    Relax and think about happy things. Listen to music on iPod or mp3 player. Get a glass of water or milk before bed. DO NOT EAT ALOT OF CHOCOLATE!!! DON’T DRINK ALOT OF SODA!!! My friend and I drank 5 cans of soda each from 10 pm to 1 pm and… Source:

  5. Kathaleen Reply:

    Depending on your age, if you are having trouble sleeping as long as your health is good and your getting enough exercise take a Benedryl before bedtime. Or take a walk before bedtime. Source:

  6. Chanel Reply:

    what are some easy ways to get to sleep? ive been having trouble sleeping any things like a drink lately. Im wondering if there are or food or something natural that would hel

  7. Teena Reply:

    Good for you for breastfeeding so long!My two year old was still sleeping in my bed, and required me laying down with him for the longest time!I found that the most helpful thing was to establish ( at least temporarily ) a very strict bedtime routine : dinner, playtime with a timer ( signals the end of the day, bath, story, snuggle nurse, then into bed! Often, I put him into his PJs and read him his story snuggle in bed!You can start transitioning her to her own bed for naps first – it will be less scary for her to be in her own bed! You might try even putting her bed in your room so that she knows you are nearby!Even though shes young for an explanation, you can certainly talk it out to her! This is your bed, and mommy is right here! Rub her back till she falls asleep! You might try a sippy cup full of water ( lukewarm ) to help as well if she is used to sucking off to sleep!!! It may take two hours the first day, but its a simple, no cry solution! Once she is used to napping in her bed, you can start her in her own bed at bedtime! When she wakes, offer comfort before food ( hold her, rub her back, etc! )You are in for a few sleepless nights, but in the long run, youve established a great bond between you and your daughter! Never let anyone give you grief over co sleeping nursing past a year! Studies have shown over and over that both of these things have GREAT benefits to both mother child!Good luck!

  8. Marquita Reply:

    That being said, it is better to error on the side of caution where one's child is concerned so my advice is use your best judgement. Keep a close eye on your

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