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What is the best thing to do for cramps?

A heat compress is a remedy that works the best for most people! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Celsa Reply:

    Sometimes the best thing you can do for a cramp is to stretch. For a calf cramp, stand up, and while bending from the waist, touch your toes. This will lengthen Source:

  2. Beverlee Reply:

    When it is in your calf, stand up and place your affected foot firmly but slowly flat on the floor. Then bend your knee slightly forward until you can feel a good pull keeping the heel of your foot on the ground at all times. If you let you

  3. Kayla Reply:

    The best thing for cramps is naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen. They help by short-circuiting the production of pain-causing MORE? Source:

  4. Charlena Reply:

    Use heat, such as a hot water bottle to relax tense muscles and relieve cramping. Be careful not to get burnt. Tea can also help. Source:

  5. Lacy Reply:

    Step 1 Reduce your consumption of salt, sugar and caffeine during the week before your period to prevent cramps or reduce their severity. Step 2 Increase your intake of calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt or leafy green vegetables. Step… Source:

  6. Jeffie Reply:

    How can i tell the difference between, implantation cramps, PMS cramps, ovulation cramps, & a ovarian cyst? SO CONFUSING!!!! Because they all have the same symptoms as each ot

  7. Tomoko Reply:

    The most effective thing for me is a long, hot shower or bath!!! its hands down the most effective way to make your cramps better!You could also try curling up with a heating pad and a pile of blankets!Drinking coffee helps me! Dont put dairy in your coffee, though!!! its hard on your digestive tract and can give you diarrhea or constipation this time of the month! Midol is good, too, and I think it also has caffeine in it! I like to drink hot tea and hold the mug against my stomach!If youre 21, a glass of red wine might help! This might seem obvious, but wear soft, loose, comfortable clothing!I hope youre feeling better soon!

  8. Keena Reply:

    How do you relieve cramps? fill the tub with warm water and relax in it until the cramping goes away. Hope it helps! What is the best weapon on thing thing?

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