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What makes you have bad breath in the morning?

Dry mouth which occurs during sleep enables dead cells to accumulate in your mouth that decompose and cause odor or morning breath Any Suggestions here?


  1. Vijay Reply:

    so easy! But brings you back to the monmet! thanks Josh for the reminder! Maybe it’s b/c I don’t have a holiday here in Australia + I can take more time to focus in that I get it nah!!!! jokes! It’s great, thanks again!

  2. Bruno Reply:

    Sometimes at is not microorganism,it is a desorder of your stomach.If you have a realy bad breath,is better going to the doctor and ask for a check up,because it is something more serious.This depends what you have eatin last night before you went to bed.

  3. Lydia Reply:

    Morning breath is caused by microorganisms called biofilm that breed If walking up a flight of stairs or down the block makes you feel like you should. ( Bad Breath) For some people, Halitosis or bad breath can really have an affect. Source:

  4. Edelmira Reply:

    Sep 9, 2009 Today I am going to turn my attention to a problem that is wreaking havoc all over our fair planet. What to Do I make my living by having people open their mouths and say “ah. How Do You Know if You Have Bad Breath?

  5. Danyelle Reply:

    Everyone needs a little help to keep their breath fresh every now and then, so knowing how to make bad breath home remedies can provide instant solutions and maybe even save you a little money on expensive over-the-counter remedies. With ju… Source:

  6. Anthony Reply:

    1 Pour the anise, cloves, peppermint and cinnamon into a bowl and gently stir them together. 2 Pour the water into a large pan or pot and put it over high heat. 3 Once the water reaches a heavy boil, remove the pan from the heat and pour th… Source:

  7. Lilia Reply:

    What is it? Morning breath is caused by microorganisms called biofilm that breed bacteria while you’re sleeping. The bacteria grow on the tongue, gums and teeth and produce unpleasant odors if the area is not cleaned daily. The bacteria bre… Source:

  8. Luba Reply:

    How can I stop bad breath my mouth when I wake the morning, I always seem to have or the bad taste in up in the morning? When I wake up in a really bad taste in my mouth. I th

  9. Ira Reply:

    i hate going to the dentist too, maybe you can suggest u BOTH going for a check up!! and while ur there mention this privately to ur dentist ! ive heard some herbal remediees might help if u google it but hes a man and probably stubborn like all the rest!!!

  10. Shawnta Reply:

    contribute to bad breath. In the morning, brush with baking soda and water and rinse (preferably after breakfast) to neutralize the coffee breath you might have.

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