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When you have your period should you sleep on your back, or on your side, or stomach?

There is no specific sleeping restrictions when on your period! Sleep in the position most comfortable for you so you can rest! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kay Reply:

    During the second month that I had my period I fell asleep on my stomach. Ever since then I never have to worry about it leaking on my sheets. If laying flat on your stomach hurts tuck a pillow under you.

  2. Carly Reply:

    I tend to change positions throughout the night depending on how I’m feeling. If my stomach is cramping I sleep in the fetal position or on my stomach but not for long because I have back pains if I lay on my tummy for too long but if my stomach is ok I sleep on my back

  3. Carl Reply:

    How you sleep says a lot about your personality, reveals why you have certain Before you go to bed, tell yourself that you will sleep on your side or back It may seem that your stomach chooses to growl at the worst possible times: In a quiet Source:

  4. Summer Reply:

    When you lie on your back, the increased weight of your uterus presses on the Lying on your back for an extended period of time could interfere with the flow of If you have such a condition, your doctor will advise you to sleep on your side. on your side preferably the left so as to be comfortable when your belly grows.

  5. Doreatha Reply:

    Back is the best for your body. If you’re going to sleep on your side, it should be your right side because sleeping on your left side will put more weight on your heart. Unfortunately, if you have acid reflux, you’ll be more comfortable on… Source:

  6. Karey Reply:

    Lie on your side in the fetal position with your knees bent and a pillow tucked between your legs. Best position for you back! Source:–back-or-sides

  7. Stacia Reply:

    When you have your period it is best to sleep however you feel most comfortable, pressure from laying on the stomach may feel good Source:

  8. Talitha Reply:

    Is it so wrong to let was born she has had my newborn sleep on her on her back or side stomach, when she refuses to sleep? Since my 6 week old trouble sleeping when she’s on h

  9. Joseph Reply:

    I find that sleeping on my side half curled up like the fetal position helps the most along with a couple Midol a few minutes before laying down!

  10. Chara Reply:

    I still have to rotate during the night but atleast that way I can sleep. Also, another one while on your side, if you straighten your bottom leg or atleast not side to more of the front side of your hip like you're about to sleep on your stomach. to me, not sleeping the same way, but close, to be able to lean back against him.

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