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When your pregnant can you sleep on your stomach?

It will be physically impossible to lie on your stomach when you are pregnant, & doctors warn against sleeping flat on your back! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nina Reply:

    Dec 21, 2011 Should you lie on your left side or your right side? On your back? Follow these pregnancy sleep tips and you may be able to get a Trying to sleep on your stomach will become increasingly impossible as the baby grows. 4 Source:

  2. Rachael Reply:

    You can safely sleep on your stomach while pregnant as long as it is comfortable to do so.

  3. Loreta Reply:

    A pregnant stomach looks larger than normal. Towards the beginning months, it may not be noticable that you are pregnany. It depends on your body shape and size. Once a couple months do go by and you are nearing the 5-6 months, your belly w… Source:

  4. Minda Reply:

    You might start to notice your stomach making a bulge around 12 weeks. This is just when your uterus is making its way just above the pelvic bone. Obvious growth may happen after that and will be noticeable at 20 weeks when the uterus is at… Source:

  5. Torie Reply:

    Doctors recommend that when you are pregnant that you do not sleep on your stomach. You should also avoid lying flat on your back. Instead lay on your side or prop up one part of your back so that you are laying at a slight angle. Source:

  6. Jodi Reply:

    Is it okay to sleep on this way or will i your stomach while pregnant? I am 31 weeks pregnant can comfortably sleep is on and the only way I my stomach. Is it alright to sleep

  7. Marissa Reply:

    the only reason not to sleep how you want is because blood flows BETTER if you sleep on your left side! It wont hurt anything to sleep on your tummy while you can! Your body will not allow you to when it will hurt your baby! Hence the huge tummy thing! I am a stomach sleeper and loved to sleep on my tummy also, but am now 33 weeks pregnant, and cant! I highly recomend starting to get used to the left side, by using a body pilow, and mabey a few extra pillows! This will make the transition easier when you can not sleep on your tummy anymore! good luck and congrats!

  8. Rene Reply:

    It is safe to sleep on your stomach when you first get pregnant, but it will become very uncomfortable for you to continue sleeping that way. Later in pregnancy it

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