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Which side do you lay on when you are pregnant?

Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Renita Reply:

    When I became pregnant with my son, my sinus' were severly affected and I couldn't I DO NOT recommend this product for more than 3 day use or you risk For example if the right side of your nose is stopped up, lay on your left side. Source:

  2. Silvana Reply:

    Don’t be alarmed if you go to sleep on your side and wake up flat on your back. He reminded me that I should not lay on my backfor any period of time.

  3. Zella Reply:

    When you are pregnant, some doctors recommend that you lie on your left side to optimize blood flow to the placenta. Source:

  4. Rufina Reply:

    you should lay on your side. after 16 weeks you shoulnt sleep on your back, the weight of the baby can squash your organs Source:

  5. Frieda Reply:

    You can lay an interior rock wall with stone veneer, a manufactured product that resembles stone but is much lighter in weight and easier to work with. Stone veneer is available in a variety of colors and shapes and can be installed over in… Source:

  6. Lola Reply:

    Pregnant and have rib pain when sharp, constant pain in my ribs i lay on my side and whenever i lay on?? I am 30 weeks pregnant my side (usually left) i start to get this unti

  7. Rae Reply:

    Left is best for placental circulation and systemic venous return! But right is just fine too! The main thing is to NOT lay on your back, because babys weight presses down on your vena cava (large vein that carries blood back to your heart)!

  8. Lucille Reply:

    How should you lay while pregnant? It is best to lay on your left side, allowing increased blood-flow and nutrients to go to the placenta. Do not sleep on your

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