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Why am I so tired?

You could be bored or frustrated! There might be medical issues! Did you stay up too late?? These are reasons you could be tired! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Rhona Reply:

    Why Do I Feel So Tired When I'm on My Period?. Before and during your menstrual cycle, you can experience all types of physical and emotional changes . Source:

  2. Rebecca Reply:

    Is that the reason for your name? After working 8-10 hours and battling traffic, of course you are going to be tired. Hope you can get some sleep. Also, dehydration can cause you to feel tired-drink more water!

  3. Lavonia Reply:

    You many be tired due to stress or not sleeping as well as you normally do. Be sure to get some exercise every day to lower stress and sleep better. You may want to use vitamin supplements and see if that helps you. If not, you should see y… Source:

  4. Maxima Reply:

    You maybe tired because you are not getting enough sleep. Make you to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Also, try to eat foods that are good for you along with exercise. Source:

  5. Kristal Reply:

    There could be many reasons for a tired feeling. Make sure that you are getting enough vitamins in your system daily. You also want to avoid caffeine as much as possible and maintain a healthy diet. Source:

  6. Tova Reply:

    Asked a girl out,1st time. she’s tired,”call her manyana”. Still tired next day. is she really that tired benefit of the doubt and? So I gave her the called her two days later

  7. Iluminada Reply:

    Sometimes a lot junk food causes you to be tired and weak!Lack of exercise, surprisingly could cause this too!Heres a link that might help!http://askville!amazon!com/tired-SITTING-BUTT-work/AnswerViewer!do??requestId=34223279

  8. Marica Reply:

    Why am i so tired? Improve. In: Health Why are you so tired when you are on your period? It could be that your Why does chemotherapy make you so tired?

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