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Why cant i sleep at night?

Sometimes too much sugar or caffeine can keep you awake at night! Also stress can contribute! Most of the time it is not a sign of pregnancy! away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Janette Reply:

    A good night's sleep is essential. Without it, we go If you are having difficulty getting to sleep at night, try You probably can't get rich from any of these. Source:

  2. Tamica Reply:

    I have several bulging discs in my lower back that cause me the same problem. Try putting a couple of pillows under your knees to keep them elevated. If you sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees. As always check with your doct

  3. Vada Reply:

    They just need to learn how to sooth themselves. When they cry at night-go to them and pat them on the back and talk softly for a minute and leave. Wait longer between the times you go in. It’s hard but with patience, it will work. Source:

  4. Sheridan Reply:

    Birds are always on the look out for predators. They sleep wherever they think they will be safe, and out of the wind, like bird houses, eaves of buildings, dense trees. Some sleep in wide open spaces, where they can see any danger approach… Source:

  5. Jayna Reply:

    To get a good night of sleep you need to use your bedroom only for sleeping. Turn off the TV, shut off the radio, and keep the room dark. Don’t eat before bed. Try to do a little bit of exercise before you turn in. Source:

  6. Pei Reply:

    I guess I am suffering from I have as I can Sleep Disorders am unable to at night..? Late NIGHT hours are the sleep at night. I get sleep very late best T I M E pursue so many

  7. Cyrstal Reply:

    Youre probably worked up over school! You need to treat Sunday as a relaxation day – and to do this you need to make certain you have all your work for Monday done to completion ahead of time!!!it will help! Try to finish it all up Friday night if possible! Spend your Sunday doing fun things – and of course helping around the house (hey, Im a parent, gotta throw that in there)! Also, no caffeine and no sugar past noon – seriously!

  8. Gia Reply:

    WHAT happens if you can't sleep at night? what happens is your sleepy in the morning. you feel sleepy in the morning and if your sleeplessness continues you

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