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Why do i talk in my sleep? MORE?

The cause of sleep talking is unknown, but high stress levels & sleep deprivation have been found to increase sleep talking! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Catherine Reply:

    It’s great to find soenmoe so on the ball

  2. Allena Reply:

    Keep a journal handy to record what goes on while you are sleeping. The more you write, the more of your dreams you'll remember in nights to come. I talked to my brother that died last month sometime in the early hours or late morning Source:

  3. Dori Reply:

    Nobody knows the reason but avoiding stress, relaxing before going to bed and getting the proper amount of sleep helps stop it.

  4. Alena Reply:

    People talk in their sleep sometimes because of stress. Eating too much before going to sleep can cause you to talk in your sleep. Not getting enough sleep can trigger this, too. You can find more information here: http://www.letusfindout.c… Source:

  5. Lolita Reply:

    Usually some types of sleep disorders will cause sleep talking. Also if you are on a medication that makes you unaware of things. If a sleep disorder is the cause there are usually more symptoms other than just sleep talking. Source:

  6. Denita Reply:

    The number one way of stopping sleep talking is to develop a routine on getting a good night sleep. If you do all the things recommended for that it should stop your sleep talking. Things like watch what you eat before bed and developing go… Source:

  7. Martin Reply:

    What can I do for my old, the first time was sh 5 yr old daughter who wide open while sleeping? This has been going on sleep talk, sleep cry and has eyes since she was 1 years

  8. Tommie Reply:

    from what I now!!our bodies are paralyzed/anesthetised when we sleep (so that we cant act out our dreams:)! A substance is secreated, which temporarily paralyzes us! Im not sure which PHASE of sleep this sets in! Anyway!!!sometimes this process isnt working very well and the person is!!acting out their dream! In such a case, when u sleep!!your body is not controlled by anything and so it can actually perform what it does in the dream! You should read about sleep paralysis! Go on wikipedia!Its a condition that basically explains better what happens when body and brain are not in sync when it comes to this temporary paralysis which should kick in the moment we sleep and should wear off the moment we become conscious again! Its actually not that uncommon:)

  9. Kiera Reply:

    Why do i talk in my sleep in the night time? comes out in real life. that's really all i know, if you know your dreaming, it's possible your more likely to sleeptalk

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