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Why do sleeping pills make you so hungry?

When you take sleeping pills, your body goes without food for a long time while sleeping! This causes hunger! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ardell Reply:

    This article will attempt to help you develop healthy habits that can not only affect your When you are tired, you do not feel like doing anything. Good sleeping habits start with the people around you, so set and keep a Plan on eating throughout the day, especially first thing in the morning so you are not hungry later on. Source:

  2. Tawna Reply:

    I am taking herbal sleeping pills and they help me a little bit. Basically, I don’t know what is causing this or what to do! You’re very likely to not be eating enough during the day, or your body wouldn’t be keeping you awake

  3. Lakiesha Reply:

    It seems to me that it is more a craving than hunger. It can be from low blood sugar and it can also be in the mind. I remember living in Pietersburg South Africa and it was very warm at night. I always used to get up at midnight to drink a… Source:

  4. Sarah Reply:

    Swallow them with water, you won’t taste a thing. Source:

  5. Erica Reply:

    never ever give your dog a sleeping pill for that could hurt the dog and maybe even kill it! if you want to cut your dogs hair put it on a leash and tie it to something and cut cut cut! or maybe just take it to the dog barbors! Source:

  6. Vergie Reply:

    Can You give dogs sleeping pills? DO they make doggie sleeping small dogs on the plane pills>? if so where? We are taking our two with us, They are Hyper and Tend to bark alot

  7. Kattie Reply:

    Just take good care of yourself and control your diet as well as your weight! You can do some other things when you feel hungry to distract from hungry feeling!

  8. Krishna Reply:

    The only way for you to get better is to help yourself and do things that make you often makes you loose your ability to determine when you're hungry, so you . years ago, when the sleeping pills doctors prescribed were really quite lethal.

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