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Why do they sleep walk?

Sleep walking may be caused by fatigue from a hard day’s play or sleep lost the previous night!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Toya Reply:

    Sleepwalkers walk or move about during sleep. People who sleepwalk do so with their eyes open. They are often staring with a glazed look in their eyes. Source:

  2. Marybeth Reply:

    Doctors are not sure what causes sleepwalking but is thought to be something that triggers your brain and arouses your brain from a deep sleep and you will be in a state of transition between sleeping and waking. Most of the time it is chi

  3. Galina Reply:

    Treat Sleep Walking Establish a strict routine when it comes to going to sleep. Disrupted sleep patterns, traveling between time zones and staying up too late are all common causes of sleep walking. Try to relax as much as possible before b… Source:

  4. Shirely Reply:

    Sleep walking is when someone is really asleep but they get up and begin to walk around. Normally when people sleep walk they are unaware that they are doing it. Source:

  5. Charity Reply:

    Sleep walking is usually caused by some sort of disorder in the mind. It can also be due to anxiousness, or reactions to drugs or alcohol. Source:

  6. Maris Reply:

    What does it mean when kids ago sat up and hit. Though she acted fine and her head on the wall sleep walk, or sleep wake up..? My niece just a bit sat there , I bended down to

  7. Yoko Reply:

    they need to roam the area and make sure it is safe then they will lie down as lie down position is very vunerable position to a dog and they will have to confirm the area is safe and sound prior taking their break there!

  8. Sacha Reply:

    Do people sleepwalk during the day? yes, of course people do. most of the people do at nights but with some people, they sleepwalk during day as well. How do

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