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Why do your eyes twitch?

Eye twitches are associated with alcohol, caffeine, fatigue, irritation of the eye surface, or lack of sleep! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ellan Reply:

    An eye twitch is an involuntary tic, a minor eyelid spasm. The condition can Strain from too much computer work, reading or detailed work can strain your eyes. Source:

  2. Carlyn Reply:

    Eye twitching is very common among people. This is a case of muscle spams in the eye. This occurs for the lack of sleep,fatigue,stress,eye strain etc. Very rarely this can be serious.

  3. Carissa Reply:

    Eye twitches actually affect millions of people and are usually due to stress and fatigue of the eye. However, there are times that these twitches can be signs of more serious issues. If you are worried about the frequency of the eye twitch… Source:

  4. Carol Reply:

    There are a few causes of eye twitching like stress, irritation of the cornea or conjunctiva, fatigue, lack of sleep, staring too long at a computer or television or nervous system disorders. Source:

  5. Yvone Reply:

    Eye twitching is normal and is nothing worry about. Twitching of the eye is a basic muscle spasm and can be caused by fatigue or to much caffinated drinks. Source:

  6. Virgen Reply:

    Why do my eyes twitch?!? It’s not my eyelid, it’s my actual eyeball! its twitching like once every hour. It started when i got sick, i was coughing alot — and i heard coughin

  7. Jasmine Reply:

    The twitching is called nystagmus! And we do not clench our hands and teeth, MDMA causes the body to lessen its ability to unclench rather than to cause it to clench!It happens because it is how MDMA effects the body, I cant really tell you chemically how it does it, but it does! And its a good thing!

  8. Edwina Reply:

    Why do your eye twitch? This is simply an involuntary muscle contraction caused by a number of possible things none of which are particularly serious. If your

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