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Why does counting sheep help people sleep?

Forget counting sheep! According to Philip Tucker at the University of Wales, the key to sleep is relaxing before bed! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rebbeca Reply:

    Every time he tried to count them, he'd fall asleep. If you're having problems falling asleep, you can try counting sheep, too. The following steps will help you drift Source:

  2. Ailene Reply:

    Feb 15, 2010 Do sheep have the power to lull you to sleep? The Claim: Counting Sheep Helps You Fall Asleep. E-Mail; Print; Reprints. By ANAHAD O’

  3. Tatiana Reply:

    Counting sheep,,,,, Ahh!,,,,,,, thats an old wives tail,, Or is it? Well, Heres the scoop, The goal is really to keep your mind from wondering, If you notice, When you cant sleep you are thinking about all sorts of stuff, If you make your m… Source:

  4. Salena Reply:

    Chickens before they are hatched, but only when they cross the bridge before they arrive at it. Source:

  5. Kristine Reply:

    The idea is to do something monotonous at bed time. Counting sheep) takes your mind off other thoughts and lulls you into sleep. Source:

  6. Joycelyn Reply:

    Has it been scientifically proven that counting sheep helps people sleep excited, I find that I can? When I am anxious of’t sleep. It doesn’t help when I try to count sheep. S

  7. Miki Reply:

    “The pain !!!it s wrong to provide yourselfwhen you dont have itCutting up to see the blood flowing !!Whats the use??Maybe its the only wayto feel something !!!Thats why I do itI also tried to cry!!! to shout!But nobody listened to me !!!No one knows how much pain and angerI feel within!!!and what do I do??I hurt myselfwith a knife !!!I would like to stopand I ask God for help, who brings me back tolook for it inside myself!I want someone to save me! !!before it be too late!”Hey, if thats all true, I suggest you to go to a psychologist, before it be too late!…………!!

  8. Danae Reply:

    Why does counting sheep help you fall asleep? many people belive that counting sheep puts you to sleep because it is very very boring and somewhat

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