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Why does my eye twitch?

Your eye could twitch because of anxiety, lack of sleep, stress, too much caffeine, or looking at a computer to long! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lucina Reply:

    Left eye twitching or blinking, also known as blepharospasm, is an involuntary hemifacial (one If eyelid twitching lasts longer than a week, you should consult your eye doctor. What Does a Blinking Green Light on My Blackberry Mean? Source:

  2. Mariela Reply:

    You might be watching to much TV or using your electronics to much. Or not enough sleep.

  3. George Reply:

    Eye twitches actually affect millions of people and are usually due to stress and fatigue of the eye. However, there are times that these twitches can be signs of more serious issues. If you are worried about the frequency of the eye twitch… Source:

  4. Tera Reply:

    There are a few causes of eye twitching like stress, irritation of the cornea or conjunctiva, fatigue, lack of sleep, staring too long at a computer or television or nervous system disorders. Source:

  5. Terri Reply:

    Eye twitching is normal and is nothing worry about. Twitching of the eye is a basic muscle spasm and can be caused by fatigue or to much caffinated drinks. Source:

  6. Annemarie Reply:

    What is an eye twitch a a symptom of? My dad has said he symptom of? My dad has said he cold and lately has this feels like he has a eye twitch? What is an eye twitch feels li

  7. Neomi Reply:

    its not a sing it happens to me too !!i just hope someone knows whats wrong with our eyes!!but i heard because your nervous of something

  8. Gladis Reply:

    I was told by my Dr. that my eye twitching was a lack of magnesium which can be brought on by too much caffiene or stress. I have also been told that lack of

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