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Why does my neck keep twitching?

Stress and sleep deprivation seem to play a role in both the occurrence and severity of motor tics! It can also be responsible for decreased memory! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sharee Reply:

    Why Does My Newborn Baby Twitch While Sleeping?. The common But, in reality infants twitch, gurgle, stop breathing, flail their arms and cry out in their sleep. Source:

  2. Maura Reply:

    Aug 25, 2007 over the summer holidays ive noticed my son keeps shaking his head side to side every so often. i did I asked him about it. that is also when he realized thats what he was doing (his uncle cracks his neck once in a while)

  3. Syreeta Reply:

    Since the guitars neck is made of wood and wood is malleable (meaning it bends/bow) the guitars neck is something vital to protect. The strings that run down the neck and connect to the body rely on being a certain distance away from the fr… Source:

  4. Rebeca Reply:

    Infant eczema is a skin condition that requires a doctor’s consultation. In addition, there are a variety of at-home methods you can safely practice that will help limit flare-ups and the spread of eczema. Key among such treatment is keepin… Source:

  5. Milly Reply:

    If your eye keeps twitching you may be sleep deprived. Try to get some good hours of sleep to see if the twitching stops. If it persists you may need to see a doctor. Source:

  6. Charla Reply:

    Is it normal for something to started twitching on the left be twitching in your neck when all of a sudden? I was thinking of something a little vein or something side of my n

  7. Nichole Reply:

    Hello JK,It sounds like you hit one of his ticklish spots and have inadvertently cause the nerves to stay in a state of constant tickling! Maybe you need to massage the area well to try and get it to settle down! Hes having muscle spasms! Give him a vigorous massage all over as it will help to release tension caused by the tickling! We often think dogs like our scratching areas, but it could just as well be like being constantly tickled, which can actually drive you crazy! II would not scratch him in that area anymore, but an all over back and sides massage is always good for them and they love those too, especially their rump area! Hope you can control the spasms! If not, you may need to take him to a vet for a muscle relaxant, as hell get exhausted form uncontrollable twitching!

  8. Iona Reply:

    Have you ever had a back or neck injury? I suffered a cervical Late at night my feet will also involuntarily twitch as well. What would cause plumbing to stop?

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