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Why I always have such an hard feeling in my pants at the morning?

The male testosterone level is at its highest in the early morning during restful sleep, usually built up during the night and at its highest around 4-6 a!m! from my understanding! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nada Reply:

    You know you should exercise, but some days it's tough to get moving: not Determine an attainable goal such as exercising twice on weekdays, once on If your goal becomes too easy, you can always design a new one. 2 Exercise in the morning. for all my friends who are looking for tips in "how tostay motivated to Source:

  2. Myriam Reply:

    Testosterone levels rise & fall. More is produced at night which promotes a morning erection. Ask us.

  3. Georgiann Reply:

    Morning wood! That’s the term they use for it. WHY? You have a good night rest and you are more relaxed and fresh for a day start. Besides, the real reason is, your bladder is full because you did not urinate for a long time. If you notice … Source:

  4. Guillermina Reply:

    Well, that’s what we professionals call A *****. When you’ve got a *****, the WORLD is your OYSTER. Don’t be ASHAMED of it. Source(s):… Source:

  5. Jody Reply:

    Its cause the cock fairy (called morning glory) comes into your bedroom every night and gives you head whilst your asleep! Pleasant dreams Source:

  6. Lavenia Reply:

    Fun Poll: Are you a morning person, or is it hard for in the morning? An earthquake can’t wake me up! LOL. My mom has to wake you to wake up early me up every single day, othe

  7. Page Reply:

    youre just excited to see me!=]

  8. Cathryn Reply:

    Does the person always want to spend time with you and never tries to let you down? the morning, but were not in love with our coffee)Point being when you love someone they With my current g/f, I get that feeling when I wake up on a day I know I'll get to see her. We haven't had sex yet, so it's not a feeling in my pants.

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