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Why I cant fall asleep. What is a good way to fall asleep?

Practice habits that help your body to relax before sleep! Try meditation or listen to calming music! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Johanne Reply:

    If you can't put it back far enough, try putting a pillow or blanket behind your lower back to make The Best Ways to Get Babies to Sleep on Long Plane Trips Source:

  2. Nadene Reply:

    4 days ago Sleep is not a habit, and falling asleep can be easily impacted by the routines you have set in place Stories can be a good way to wind down.

  3. Anika Reply:

    If you are tired enough, falling asleep should not be a problem. However, try relaxing and taking some deep breaths. Let the stress of the day just roll down your body like teardrops falling down your face. Make sure the room is fairly dark… Source:

  4. Blythe Reply:

    To fall asleep quickly, you need to prepare your body. Do not drink caffeine after 4pm. Also, do not smoke within an hour of your bedtime. Try not to watch TV an hour before bedtime also, as it is a stimulant. Good luck! Source:

  5. Ronda Reply:

    A great way to help you fall asleep in the P.M. is to have about a 30 or more minute workout in the mornings. If your brave try yoga, it is a very relaxing way to start your day and will help you relax when its time to fall asleep. Try warm… Source:

  6. Shantay Reply:

    Do you put your baby in in it’s cot awake and let it it’s cot awake and let it on your lap and then fall asleep, or does it fall asleep…? Do you put your baby fall asleep, o

  7. Sherril Reply:

    I think you are so lucky to be a lucid dreamer! Some people have to work hard to get to lucid dream, which only means that you are aware of dreaming in your dream! You even have some ability to control, which is great – to an extent!I dont think that there is anything abnormal about your dreams! Lots of people pick up dreams where they left off after waking up, and I believe that I have even here on yahoo answers some cases where the dream picked up the next night, from where it left off the previous night!So, if you have a little bit of control, you can learn a lot from your dreams! For example, if something is chasing you or scaring you, you can turn around and say Who are you, what do you want??! You will actually get an answer, where most of the rest of us have to work harder to figure out what the chaser is about from various clues from the dream! You might get a cryptic answer that seems indirect, but it would still tend to be a stronger clue than otherwise! Try it!Good luck!——–See your additional details – great! If something interesting happens, post more addtional details! Id be interested to hear, and to interpret if you want!

  8. Andria Reply:

    I can't really think of a TON of ways, but a couple that work for me are: Sometimes the reason you can't sleep is because you have to much running through

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