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Why is it hard for me to fall asleep?

Some research suggests that certain social factors, such as being unemployed or divorced, are related to poor sleep!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Julio Reply:

    What Are Some Natural Things I Can Do to Help Me Get to Sleep?. Sleeping Sleep can be hard to achieve when you are tense, nervous or just not tired. Source:

  2. Samantha Reply:

    Go to bed at the same time every night to adjust your circadian rhythm.

  3. Arcelia Reply:

    Some people really suffer when it comes to trying to get to sleep. Try taking a warm bath before bed, avoid watching TV in the bedroom and have a milky drink without any caffeine. Source:

  4. Katlyn Reply:

    If you are tired enough, falling asleep should not be a problem. However, try relaxing and taking some deep breaths. Let the stress of the day just roll down your body like teardrops falling down your face. Make sure the room is fairly dark… Source:

  5. Monet Reply:

    To fall asleep quickly, you need to prepare your body. Do not drink caffeine after 4pm. Also, do not smoke within an hour of your bedtime. Try not to watch TV an hour before bedtime also, as it is a stimulant. Good luck! Source:

  6. Jaimie Reply:

    7 weeks and 5 days pregnant get comfy and fall asleep and finding it hard to and stay asleep, anyone else ? having this problem? my last pregnancy i didn’t have any trouble wi

  7. Kaitlin Reply:

    Sleeping on your back is the best way to sleep! Do you put a pillow underneath your knees like you should??Im not going to be a preacher on you, overall – whichever makes you feel better when you wake up, sleep that way! But if you had to choose, sleep on your right side! A lot of your Organs are on your left side, you can reduce putting pressure on them when you sleep on your right side!I have an easier time sleeping on my stomach, I suppose its because I can really cuddle with my pillows that way! When I sleep on my side, my knees and hip feels crampy! Its hard to describe the sensation I get, its just discomforting! I have tried sleeping on my back, it is not pleasant! My back hurts sometimes, my neck feels tight! My head is either too far up or too far down, its not fun indeed!So, do whatever you feel is more comfortable! Its you thats going to be waking up comfortable or in pain, not your doctor! :)Edit: OH! I almost forgot!! If you really want to sleep on your back better, you should invest in memory foam! That stuff is magical!

  8. Sheila Reply:

    I have found it really hard to fall asleep no matter when I take it. I do find Strattera makes me tired during the day, but I will try what the other person has

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