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How Drugs Affect People Socially

You may have such questions as How Drugs Affect The Body and What Are The Affects Of Drugs,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Drugs Affect The Brain. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Physical Effects of Drugs,too. Read more as following:

Speaking from experience, I can state drugs affect people socially by taking away the desire of those who take drugs, to be with those who do not. On a large scale, the illegal distribution of drugs affect a society in an extreme negative way die to its drawing of a criminal element.

How Drugs Affect the Body?

All drugs are chemicals and they effect our bodies by interacting with our own natural chemistry. The specific effect vary greatly depending on the drug. Some drugs speed our biological systems up and other slow things down. A drug such as LSD effect... More »

What are the Affects of Drugs?

The affects of drugs differ from drug to drug. Some make people feel more 'up', some will bring them 'down'. They create a sense of well being in many people. Drugs alter your perception in many ways.... More »

How Drugs Affect the Brain?

The effects of drugs on the brain depends on the drug itself. Heroin makes the brain dependent on it, while marijuana can effect emotions, memory, and judgment. ... More »

How do Drugs Affect People?

Drugs affect people in many ways. It can affect one's ability to make rational decisions in their lives. It can also affect one's sense of reality and relationships with family and friends.... More »

How can Drugs Affect You?

Drugs can affect the body in a very large number of ways, depending on the drug. Some drugs will affect liver function, others affect brain and cognitive functions, others can raise your blood pressure, in effect causing a heart attack.... More »

How do Drugs Affect You?

Drugs affect people in many ways. They cause mental and physical problems. They will cause poor judgement, possible illness, and death. If you have a drug problem, seek help. For more information, look here: More »


  1. Elizabeth Reply:

    How does ecstasy affect students physically, mentally/emotionally, and socially?
    How is the drug problem likely to affect student behavior inside and outside the classroom?
    Any statistics on the amount of teens using ecstasy?


  2. Dawson Reply:

    It’s going to be 2years in Dec. that I’ve lost my husband, yet it seems as though I am the only one still grieving. I’ve come acrooss others that have lost loved one’s recently and they all seem to be doing okay. Am I the only one affected by this? am I too depressed?

  3. Neu Reply:

    For example, Binge drinking, deliberatly getting sunburnt for a tan, drugs in many cases ect.

  4. Mustafa Reply:

    Can you have the disease and it doesn’t even affect you? If everyone else in my family is an alcoholic and I don’t even drink is there a big chance that I still have the disease? Is the disease a psychological disease?

  5. Dominic Tarantino Reply:

    Ethically, socially and economically

  6. Dale Reply:

    My mom is not an alcoholic or a drug addict, but pretty much the rest of my family and i’ve seen it all. 9 of my closer relatives have died from Drugs or alcohol. My dad smokes, Drinks, smokes weed, and does coke. Does that mean i shouldn’t drink or do any drugs?

  7. Babul Nath Reply:

    Hi, i need as much detail as possible on how did television affected the US politically, economically, and socially. Please go into as much detail as possible and include sources.
    Please add only GOOD details of the effects of television. It’s for a project.

  8. Tristan Reply:

    In positive and negative ways. How has it improved or changed the lives of people economically, socially and politically in those regions?
    Has crime reduced?
    Has the state income increased?
    And how do you think the future would be if cannabis is still legal?

  9. Hassan Reply:

    LSD was created in the ’40s, so how has it affected the US economy and society? Thanks!
    not just LSD, but other psychedelic drugs as well. I’m doing a history project about psychedelic art and how it has affected the US socially, economically, etc. so any feedback is very much appreciated:D

  10. Cool Story Reply:

    This is in aid of my health and social studies coursework.

    As the question says, I want to know how alcohol and drug abuse can affect someone’s P.I.E.S needs. Just a brief desription will do, and I’d be might grateful.

    Thank you :)

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