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How Many Muscles does An Adult have

You may have such questions as How Do Muscles Work and How Many Muscles Does An Adult Have,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Most Common Muscle Ailment Among Adults. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Muscle Diagram,too. Read more as following:

I have found information on your question, how many muscles does an adult have. According to my research, an adult has about 650 muscles their bodies. Hope this helps.

How do muscles work?

Some muscles, like the muscles in your heart and digestive system, are involuntary. They work by themselves without you consciously telling them to do anything. Other muscles are voluntary, meaning you order them to move. Both types of muscles are co... More »

How many muscles does an adult have?

we have about 600 or more muscles that are connected to the bones. we have about 600 or more muscles that are connected to the bones. Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.... More »

What is the most common muscle ailment among adults?

Fatigue... More »

What muscle is used in intramuscular injection in adult?

Typically the gluteus maximus (sp?) - your rear end.... More »

How much of the total body weight of the average adult is muscle tissue?

The correct answer is C. A) 20-30%. B) 30-40%. C) 40-50%. D )50-60%. E) 60-70%.... More »


  1. My Horse Trudy Reply:

    I understand that I need to burn more than what I absorb, but how much does an adult males body need just to funcation?

  2. Angie Brown Reply:

    I am an adult who wishes to take piano lessons – is their a clear concensus on piano teaching methodology? I desire to be able to play classical pieces, as well as be able to read down a jazz chart!

  3. Ransu Reply:

    i have another dog who’s an adult and of course we feed him adult food. My lab is now 6 months and i wasn’t sure when i can gradually feed her adult food. Should i just wait till she’s 1 or is it okay to start sooner?

  4. Joanna Reply:

    For muscle gain in adult female.I go to the gym four times a week approx,have just started.And why does it say you must take a loading dose for ten days and then a much smaller dose?

  5. Ali Reply:

    Why is it harder for teenage girls to build muscle compared to an adult?

  6. In The Clouds Reply:

    How do skeletal muscles work with tendons to cause movement?
    How do two muscles work together to produce movement.?

    Thanks and God Bless!

  7. Night Crawler Reply:

    List the adult structures derive from each of the primary germ layers. Thank you.

  8. Janette Reply:

    Cant find answer…How can a high-fat diet in childhood lead to increased numbers of adipocytes? Explain how this process may be related to the ability of adipocytes to regulate the insulin sensitivity of skeletal muscles in adults.

  9. Madam Iza Reply:

    How much food would you need to be consumed to meet the protein goals for muscle development for adult weighing 90Kg?

  10. Devin Reply:

    Do girls who participate in gymnastics have larger leg muscles as adults? Or are larger thighs and calves in women who are not overweight just a genetic feature?

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