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Have people ever died from sun poison?

Overexposure to the sun can result in heat stroke or may promote skin cancer! for now! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dia Reply:

    Severe sunburns can turn into sun poisoning. Many of us get sunburned from time to time, but some people are exceptionally sensitive to sunlight. Sun Source:

  2. Ilda Reply:

    It is a common experience to get burned, and most if not all will become Although seldom fatal (sun poisoning), sunburns can be extremely uncomfortable . On Tahiti (people there knows what sunburn is, and how to treat it), tamanu oil

  3. Syble Reply:

    ye i got bit by a snake and i was rushed to hospital. on the way to the hospital i fell off the bed thing they wer carring me. but im fine now just got two little holes on my leg. thats a picture of me on the source thing. Source(s): http:/… Source:

  4. Rosette Reply:

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  5. Meghan Reply:

    Sun poisoning will not kill you, but not treating the dehydration or infection that may occur could. Best to treat the issue. Source:

  6. Lynda Reply:

    What exactly is sun poison? I’ve heard of sun poisoning…but what exactly is it? What are the symptoms of it? How long does it last, and how soon after getting too much sun d

  7. Jenniffer Reply:

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  8. Clarinda Reply:

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