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How can you make yourself puke?

To make yourself vomit, you slide your index finger down your tongue until you cannot push it down any farther! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Neva Reply:

    Don't make yourself vomit. Vomiting is a good way to get rid of the bacteria from the food poisoning but you do not want to force yourself to vomit. Let it happen Source:

  2. Norman Reply:

    To make yourself vomit, you slide your index finger down your tongue until you cannot push it down any farther.

  3. Arlena Reply:

    Well, there’s always the sucking on a can of 7up. There are also anti nausea meds that you can take. One time when I went out to party a little to hard out in the city I was yaking it up out back and this man wandered up and said I could ta… Source:

  4. Estrella Reply:

    To induce vomiting, combine 1/2 cup milk & 1/2 cup orange juice, drink as fast as you can; or try drinking 2-3 liters of water w/ a pinch of salt. Sip it slowly until you feel nauseated. You can always try the finger down the throat method. Source:

  5. Sadie Reply:

    To make yourself puke, simply put your finger into the back of your mouth and don’t take it out when the gag reflex kicks in. Source:

  6. Evita Reply:

    How do i make myself puke i wanna no how to (or make puke) so I dont have to flu but i cant puke go to school? my friend got me the rite now.I don’t wanna go to school and: A

  7. Lavenia Reply:

    Do NOT use ipecac! continuous use in this manner can cause permanent irreversible heart damage! Your quesion, I dont have an eating disorder or anything but i can do it! just start making the puking motion with your body! notice how the different muscles in your stomach and throat move when you puke and imitate it! also, think about something disgusting,! helped me get out of school a time or two as a kid 😀

  8. Yanira Reply:

    How can you make yourself vomit? Drink a 16 oz glass of water with about 3 table spoons of mustard. Stir it all up and drink all down in one setting. This only

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