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How do u make ur self throw up?

Open your mouth wide! Press your finger onto the back of your tongue! Stroke the back of your throat! Continue to the vomit comes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jackelyn Reply:

    thing one can do to quickly save yourself from the adverse affects is to induce vomiting. Even though you do your best to protect your dog from various poisonous household How to Make a Dog Vomit After Ingesting a Hazardous Object Source:

  2. Taylor Reply:

    All i’m going to say is don’t make yourself purge. It’s WORSE then Google can lead you to emetics, which will make you vomit. It’s not a good

  3. Hiroko Reply:

    Although this is generally not a good idea you just need to cut off oxygen until you black out. Source:

  4. Betty Reply:

    Cha is the Chinese word for search! Source:

  5. Tiana Reply:

    Not medical advice. Trigger your gag reflex by pressing your index and middle finger onto the back of your tongue. Don’t induce vomiting as it may harm you! Source:

  6. Berniece Reply:

    If you make yourself throw up to lower your gag reflex a lot, or just throw up a make your gag reflex greater lot in general can that? If so is there anyways? Like, if you vom

  7. Easter Reply:

    Hey! Its called ipecac! DO NOT TAKE IT UNLESS YOU HAVE SWALLOWED POISON! I AM DEADLY SERIOUS! Vomit inducing drugs have saved many lives in emergencies but they can and will cause serious heart damage that can and will kill you! Please, if you need help working on your weight, talk to your doctor! He or she can help you devise a plan to live healthy! Dont exchange one kind of health for another! This is serious stuff, please trust me!

  8. Maura Reply:

    I have been bulimic for 7 years- you have no idea how bulimia ruins your life- please don't start making yourself throw up. Talk to someone about your feelings,

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