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How does high blood pressure affect health?

Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health issues, including heart attack and stroke! Thanks, ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Goldie Reply:

    Worry can affect your health in several ways. Everyone has When a person is in a state of chronic worry the blood pressure can be elevated. This can be Source:

  2. Laurie Reply:

    This isn’t a simple question to answer. In CA agents are NOT allowed to tell you that you won’t get coverage. It’s up to the Insurance company underwriters. Height and weight would also be a factor. What medications are being taken and thei

  3. Yesenia Reply:

    Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood against the arterial walls when the heart contracts. Blood pressure normally varies throughout the day depending on activity. Sustained hypertension is chronic, continued high blood pressu… Source:

  4. Miguelina Reply:

    Knowing what is high blood pressure is important for anyone, especially as we get older. Your blood pressure is a measure of the force with which your blood travels through your body. The top number, or systolic pressure, measures the press… Source:

  5. Alberta Reply:

    Blood pressure is regulated by the flow of blood to and from your heart. Outside factors that can elevate your blood pressure can be stress, diet and general lifestyle. Source:

  6. Patience Reply:

    Can my low blood pressure affect only three answers I got my running and/or general health? And more? I’m asking this again because the last time were idiot responses. I don’

  7. Janean Reply:

    Check out Webmd!com

  8. Timothy Reply:

    How does the combination of high-cholesterol and high blood pressure affect the ability to get health insurance? Improve. In: Conditions and Diseases, Medical

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