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Is it bad if i sleep too much?

Yes, too much sleep can risk one’s risk of having a stroke! It’s best to limit yourself to eight hours per day! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mitzie Reply:

    Getting too much sleep might not seem like such a bad thing, but in reality, the average If you are on any medications, check with your physician to see if the Source:

  2. Demetrius Reply:

    Oct 18, 2007 This happens when I sleep too much. Dad I know I need to get a job. Or just keep busy. I just feel bad and don\’t want to do anything. So don\’t

  3. Fae Reply:

    For a person without diabetes, too much sugar can rot your teeth, cause headaches, make you gain weight, cause mood swings, and may aggravate arthritis. Source:

  4. Gregory Reply:

    Really anything over 7 1/2 hours of sleep is really to much sleep. It has been said that those who sleep 8 hours and over or under 6 1/2 hours may just shorten their life. There could be other health risks linked with to much sleep especial… Source:

  5. Collen Reply:

    If you are sleeping 10-12 hours a day,that is too much sleep. A nice amount is 6-8 hours and too little would be 3-5 hours, you would not be able to function too well. Source:

  6. Lanora Reply:

    Sleep bad, bad anxiety. Sleep well, no anxiety? Suggestions as to the reason why greatly appreciated.? I’m generally an anxious person and my anxiety varies from day to day an

  7. Anisa Reply:

    Too much sleep actually throws off your circadian rythm! Avoid excess sleep, it will eventually make you more tired, and the amount of REM sleep you get is proportionately less

  8. Aisha Reply:

    How is too much sleep bad for you? Too much sleep is definitely bad for you, it makes you gain weight. I recommend 8-10 hours of sleep every night. However, if

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