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Is milk good for gaining muscle?

Milk is good for building muscle, and may even lower your risk of both heart attack and stroke! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ela Reply:

    Potassium is available in abundance in bananas and promote good muscle health. Mixing powder with whole milk will create a shake that will have more fat. 5 Source:

  2. Mahalia Reply:

    im no nutritionist but i have a lot of knowledge in nutrition, first of all muscle milk is a dietary supplement for people who are trying to gain muscle from working out. ya you will probably gain some weight only if you drink a lot of it o

  3. Hwa Reply:

    Eating right is very important in gaining muscle mass. You will need to lift weights, exercise, and take a supplement called creatine. You will need to stick to it and not give up. Source:

  4. Marni Reply:

    Gaining muscles is not as complex process as people make it out to be. You can gain muscles by eating large amounts of protein and lifting weights regularly. Source:

  5. Chin Reply:

    Muscle Milk is a protein supplement drink trademarked by the nutritional company CytoSport. This particular beverage is a ready to drink protein supplement that is non-dairy and lactose free so it’s not really "milk" at all. Source:

  6. Hilaria Reply:

    Is it really good for health?

  7. Imogene Reply:

    You need both milk and protein to help gain muscle and strength!If you want to know more add me as a contact!

  8. Myriam Reply:

    Is protein powder a good way to gain muscles and weight when you workout a lot ? Yes it is but it depends what types of workouts you're doing. Is milk a good

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