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What a common sun illnesses?

Summer is coming and the heat is on! You can get heat exhaustion, which is not as serious as heat stroke, and you can get heat stroke! Both are serious conditions and should be treated properly! Keep Cool, thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bree Reply:

    Sun allergy disease is the immune system's response to sun exposure in The most common sun. How to Care for Sundowning or Sundowners Disease Source:

  2. Lolita Reply:

    This Web page provides a quick overview of the major health problems linked of the visible skin changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by the sun.

  3. Deeanna Reply:

    Take dandelion as a herbal healing remedy to treat diabetes. Dandelion has been used by the Chinese and Asians for many years. The leaves or the roots — the roots are usually roasted and grounded, and used as a substitute for coffee — can… Source:

  4. Anisha Reply:

    As bariatric surgery alters the anatomy of the digestive system, it can cause your body to react differently to food and illness. Taking care of yourself after surgery and following doctors recommendations will help you stay healthy. Read o… Source:

  5. Almeda Reply:

    If you have a cat for a pet, then you know that there are certain illnesses that cats are prone to getting. Understand the symptoms your cat is experiencing so that you can notify your veterinarian before the illness progresses. If you know… Source:

  6. Sheila Reply:

    Im doing a speech about home remedies for common illnesses, acne, common cold, heartburn, etc…? can someone please help me with a good introduction that would capture attent

  7. Freddie Reply:

    I would stick with the fantails or the veiltails! They have a prettier shape! Shubunkins are normally kept in ponds and they get a little bit larger than the others!As far as sex, it doesnt really matter and it is hard to tell anyways! I have never seen fantails fight and Ive had fish all my life and worked in a pet store for about 5 years! It isnt likely theyll breed either, so nothing to worry about that!It is possible for goldfish to get dropsy, but doesnt happen too often! They can get swim bladder though, which is a condition where too much air gets into the swim bladder and the fish cant balance or control how it swims! Basically the fish is constipated, but it can kill goldfish! It is caused by gulping too much air when they eat, so when you feed you should get either a slow sinking food, or mix the flakes with water so they dont sit at the top of the water where the fish has to gulp air to eat! And yes, goldfish are hearty eaters! If your fish ever seem as if they are swimming funny, get some frozen peas and thaw a few, take the shell off the outside and give it to the fish! It really works for goldfish! Another problem they get is too much ammonia in the tank, which is usually caused by overeating! Feed your fish and watch them, if they dont eat all the food in 3 minutes you should scoop the rest out! Changing about 1/4 of the water in the tank once a week really helps too!Goldfish are a good choice though, they can live up to 40 years!

  8. Rivka Reply:

    In: Conditions and Diseases categories] What is an illness caused by being out in the sun too long? What are common illnesses caused by viruses?

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