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What are some side effects of fat burner pills?

Potential side effects of fat burner pills include heart attack, stroke, seizures, psychosis and death! The products are even packaged with a long list of user warnings! Any Suggestions here?


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  2. Erinn Reply:

    the body a boost of energy. Use of fat burners can come with some side effects. Addiction. Fat burning pills can addictive if they are used for long enough. Source:

  3. Michiko Reply:

    I recently purchased a bottle of diet pills from e-bay ‘guaranteed to aid wight loss by burning fat and reducing your appetite’. I took 2 (one in the morning and one after lunch, although it said you could take upto 6 in 24 hours). Within h

  4. Nedra Reply:

    Sometimes, despite weeks of diet and exercise, the weight simply does not come off. To get help losing weight and burning more fat, you may turn to a fat burning diet pill. Since there are a lot of fat burners marketed that do not work, you… Source:

  5. Wan Reply:

    The side effects of diet pill are numerous. They can include insomnia, nervousness, heart arrhythmia and palpitations, stoke, headaches, dry mouth, and so much more. For more information, look here:…. Source:

  6. Arnita Reply:

    Fat burners are used to increase the body’s metabolism, increase energy levels and, in some cases, to suppress the appetite, leading to less calories consumed. Grenade fat burner is a product that has a men’s and women’s formula. It has a v… Source:

  7. Jan Reply:

    I am scared of side effects old mother of two babies from fat burner pills help to get perfectly toned and. I am a 28 year lose 20 lbs of fat!? I am on a mission (2yrs and 6 m

  8. Jolynn Reply:

    A few things to bear in mind before/while taking green tea diet pills:•Be sure to take the supplement according to the directions on the manufacturer’s package!•Take the pill with meals and avoid taking them within several hours of bedtime as nighttime restlessness may occur!•Pregnant or nursing women should avoid this supplement all together!•People with history of liver or kidney and stomach problems should limit their consumption! It is best to contact your primary care physician in this instance!•Give your body a break from the supplements ever so often to lower the chance of caffeine dependency and flush your system!

  9. Kendall Reply:

    What are the side effects of fat burner pills? 'guaranteed to aid wight loss by burning fat and reducing your appetite'. What are some facts on calcium?

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