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What are the after effects of a stroke?

Stroke effects include paralysis on the left side of the body, vision problems, inquisitive behavioral style, memory loss!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Yahaira Reply:

    What Are Side Effects After a Mini Stroke?. A mini-stroke, also called a transient ischemic attack, has similar symptoms as a stroke but lasts just a few minutes Source:

  2. Alejandra Reply:

    When an artery or blood vessel becomes blocked by a blood clot, a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) may occur. Once blood flow is reduced or halted to the brain the cells are deprived oxygen and begin to die. The full effect that one may

  3. Lulu Reply:

    The physical damage stroke causes to the brain can have a wide range of effects. These will depend on the type of stroke and its severity, the part of the brain affected, the extent of brain damage and how quickly other brain cells take ove… Source:

  4. Shanna Reply:

    After a stroke some things to look for are sagging of one side of your face/mouth. If you can not raise your arms the same level you may be having a stroke, also if your words are slurred. Source:

  5. Geralyn Reply:

    A mini-stroke, also called a transient ischemic attack, has similar symptoms as a stroke but lasts just a few minutes and doesn’t cause permanent damage. Like a stroke, it’s caused by a clot getting in the way of blood flow to your brain. I… Source:

  6. Mitsuko Reply:

    If someone has a stroke five years ago without sided affects affects two years later? Can a person start having. Can she start having side delayed speech loss of balance and d

  7. Teodora Reply:

    WOW!!! What stupid people answering your question so far!!!WTF People????It depends on how long ago the stroke was!!! If it was just a year or so ago then she might get better but if it has been many years and she is still shaking then there is pretty much nothing she can do but try to strengthen her hand with exercises and hope for the best!!!As years go by her brain will rerout the currently misfireing neurons and it should get better on its own but again, this is a 50/50 chance!!! and she will only get better graduly as her brain SLOWLY heals and rewires itself!!!Exercise and consentration are the only things she can do to help it!!!Get one of those squeezie hand exercisers that they sell at Target!!! They look like a v shape and you squeese it like using a pair of tongs!!!After she starts getting strenght in her hand she can get one of those Ball Inside A Ball wrist and hand exercisers!!! http://www!wisdomandhealth!com/dynaflex-power-ball-gyroscope!htmlI had one and it really does help strengthen your grip!!! It helps you concentrate on your hand and is fun to boot!!!It is awsome that you are looking for help for her! *HUG*You are a great friend!!!

  8. Joelle Reply:

    Long-term effects are caused by the death of brain tissue. They won't go away, but they can often be modified with rehabilitation. Physical effects of a stroke-

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