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What causes a sudden lack of energy?

Sudden muscle weakness and loss of function in one area of the body can indicate a serious problem within the brain (such as a stroke or transient ischemic attack) or spinal cord or with a specific nerve in the body! Call 1-800-2 for unlimited questions! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joanna Reply:

    Apart from being a health hazard, lack of energy can also cause problems in our A low fat high carbohydrate diet can give you a sudden volley of energy. Source:

  2. Simona Reply:

    badminton (could be in a tournament), and all of a sudden, I would feel the cause for that is lack of energy intact and replenish during the

  3. Noriko Reply:

    To make time for personal and professional responsibilities, some people often try to sleep less. Others have disorders that interfere with their sleep. Compromising sleep can decrease energy. Source:

  4. Maricela Reply:

    Demanding careers and responsibilities do not always allow for excessive tiredness, but some men do fall victim to fatigue. This can affect their performance at work or at school, and it can also have an impact on relationships. Luckily, sc… Source:

  5. Blair Reply:

    Fatigue is the collective term used to describe a feeling of low energy, sleepiness and lack of motivation. Occasional fatigue is common, and can usually be attributed to notable lifestyle factors, such as lack of sleep or working too hard…. Source:

  6. Dorthey Reply:

    Slight dizzy spell (am I going to faint) and sudden lack of energy I am having a slight? I’m just 5 weeks along and dizzy / light-headed spell and kind of a sudden lack of ene

  7. Sabra Reply:

    this happens to me all the time!!! in fact this happened to me on wednesday (im 15 and healthy)! normally for me it is caused by extreme heat or hunger! So if you had practice outside or if it was hotter in the gym than normal, it may have caused this!!! at least that is what it always is for me! Also, it can be a lack of fluids!!! you can try drinking water to hydrate or Gatorade to hydrate and boost you blood sugar! i get the same symptoms!!! dizziness, stomach ache, and everything turning blackbest of luck :)

  8. Milissa Reply:

    Since a loss of appetite can cause weakness and fatigue, marijuana may help indirectly. Fatigue is a safety device that conserves energy for vital activities and

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