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What does it mean when your boyfriend cheats on you in your dreams?

Dreaming of a partner cheating can be seen as a warning to play it straight! It can mean you will soon expect a stroke of luck! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shanel Reply:

    Dec 28, 2011 A man in love is a doer, not a talker–whether this means pulling a bunch of he's made or crying yourself to sleep–he does not love you. It concentrates the energy of your mind waves to influence the woman or man of your dreams and within a period of How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Really Loves You Source:

  2. Rosaura Reply:

    Probably your own self-doubt or insecurities about yourself and/or the relationship leaking through to your subconscious from your waking life. I just had a dream the other night right before I moved in with my bf, where he ditched me for h

  3. Catalina Reply:

    If you think your boyfriend is cheating he may be distant, no calling, writing, or email as often. He may be irritable. You may notice that he is less interested in sex. Source:

  4. Janie Reply:

    If your boyfriend seems distracted, distant, not interested in sex with you, not calling, writing, or emailing as often he could be cheating. Use your instincts to if he has changed and not for the positive then something is obviously wrong… Source:

  5. Sindy Reply:

    There are many ways to do this depending on the man and his habits. You can put spyware on your computer that tracks keystrokes and screen images, you can rent a car and follow him or have a friend do it in their car,you can also bait and t… Source:

  6. Sau Reply:

    Dreams Interpretation; Reoccuring dreams about my ex husband when I met this in love but I couldnt very special guy and fell boyfriend? 3 yrs ago, I was engaged with my see my

  7. Suk Reply:

    If she has caught him lying to her several times over the course of their relationship, then she is probably working out issues in her dreams! If she has caught him lying to her then she has good reason to be distrustful of him, and this is being reflected in the dreams, as she tries to resolve her feelings around it! If she hadnt already been presented with ample evidence why she should be distrustful of him, then it would most likely be a reflection of feelings of insecurity on her part! Since she has caught him, she should weigh over the nature of what she has caught him lying about, and ask herself if she really deserves to be treated that way, ask herself if shes really prepared to continue with someone who would treat her that way (when the relationship starts out like that, it doesnt get any better, if she allows him to treat her that way, it will only get worse, and there might be someone else waiting for a chance to treat her right! Even if he were to turn over a new leaf, the stage has already been set for her not to trust him, and she might be better off making a fresh start)!!!good luck!!!

  8. Cherie Reply:

    For example, if you dream your boyfriend is cheating, it might not mean he IS What does it mean when you give platinum to someone in your dreams?

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