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What happens if you smoke while on birth control?

It can increase your risk of a heart attack dramatically!There’s also an increased risk of blood clots as well as having a stroke! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Joel Reply:

    What Happens If You Don't Inhale Cigarette Smoke? For a developing fetus, secondhand smoke can cause low birth weight, miscarriage, pre-term Not inhaling while smoking can reduce the amount of nicotine absorbed by the body, and Society: Learn About Cancer · Centers for Disease Control: Secondhand Smoke Source:

  2. Sabine Reply:

    Smoking while on the pill increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  3. Lakiesha Reply:

    Pregnancy The birth control pill is roughly 99 percent effective when taken properly. However, women who use the pill still get pregnant 1 percent of the time. Generally speaking, if a woman keeps taking her birth control pill while she’s p… Source:

  4. Soon Reply:

    it does not matter what type of cigarette you smoke. if you are over 35 and smoke while on nuva ring you are at high chance for blood clots or olcers. Source:'s_while_on_birth_control

  5. Vanesa Reply:

    You increase your risk of blood clots and cancer Source:

  6. Meda Reply:

    If I snort or smoke my birth control pill, will it still work? I’ve been broadening my horizons.

  7. Camila Reply:

    Just like everyone else said, dont smoke while on BC! I recently saw a story on Dr! G: Medical Examiner(it is on the Discovery Channel) where a seemingly healthy woman in her late 20s died, because of these same circumstances! Dr! G could not figure out what the cause of the womans death was! Until she found out, the woman was on BC!The cigarettes are already killing you! Going on BC while being a smoker will only hasten your death!I know that is blunt! But, That is the truth!Just like drinking n driving dont mix! Smoking and, BC dont mix!

  8. Marita Reply:

    What will happen if you smoke Newport's while on birth control? it does not matter what type of cigarette you smoke. if you are over 35 and smoke while on nuva

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