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What is a quick way to get pneumonia?

People with recent viral infections, lung disease, heart disease, and swallowing problems, as well as alcoholics, drug users, and those who have suffered a stroke or seizure are at higher risk for developing pneumonia than the general population! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Melda Reply:

    This is the quickest way to get pneumonia. There are many different specific microbial causes of pneumonia, with the leading culprits being influenza and Source:

  2. Jacque Reply:

    May 1, 2011 Ways you can get pneumonia include: Bacteria If you have pneumonia, you may be working hard to breathe, or breathing fast. The health

  3. Antoinette Reply:

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  4. Colette Reply:

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  5. Lorenza Reply:

    Changing eating habits will lead to weightloss no matter what. Try eating healthier foods than you are used to. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water. Try to stay away from the cookies and chips. They can add a lot of calories an… Source:

  6. Florine Reply:

    How quick can pneumonia come back ago.? I had CAP a month if you have AIDS? Community Acquired Pneumonia a month ago and still have pleurisy and acute bronchitis. Lung still h

  7. Jaimee Reply:

    You really should call his pediatrician back and update him on the status! He would know better than anyone on here! When you call, they will have an after hours number for emergencies! Or, your health plan may offer a nurses hotline!If none of those things applies, I would suggest staying up with him tonight, maybe doing shifts! You should constantly monitopr him to make sure he doesnt have a seizure (commonly caused by high fevers)! WAke him up every so often and give him water, if hes been sick, theres a good chance of dehydration!Never worry that youre being an overly concerned mother! Ive worked in pediatrics before – children are very dangerous because they crash quickly! I am not trying to scare you, I am simply validating your concern!Good luck, I will keep your boy in my prayers!

  8. Latanya Reply:

    Some people get Pneumonia when they have just gotten over a cold. Fast, often shallow, breathing and the feeling of being short of breath. Te easier way if you are struggling in your breathing is to take and inhaler 10 puffs, 4 times a day.

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