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What is a slight stroke?

A slight stroke is a mild form of a stroke! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Virgina Reply:

    Mild Stroke Symptoms. Part of the series: Symptoms of a Stroke. Learn about mild stroke symptoms including coordination problems, headaches, dizziness and Source:

  2. Cheryll Reply:

    Mar 10, 2011 A light stroke is different from a regular stroke. Termed a transient ischemic attack TIA, Symptoms of a Slight Stroke. Signs of a Slight Stroke

  3. Aileen Reply:

    Basically, the concept of "number needed to treat" is impossible — it is very difficult to teach doctors what this means to individual patients. But when you talk to patients, if you say "stroke," you have everybody’s attention. Stroke is … Source:

  4. Shenika Reply:

    There’s no way to know. It depends on what extent the brain was damaged during the stroke, but even this isn’t all that predective. I’ve seen some stroke victims with a lot of damage make great recoivery. A lot of it depends on how he funct… Source:

  5. Karine Reply:

    need to take him to a hospital right now , no kidding he could die no kidding, he has all the symptoms especially at his age , that clot is blocked and it could stop the blood flow at any second. A friend’s relative in her 40’s stumbled at … Source:

  6. Vinnie Reply:

    When I cruise around at about hour, my Vette sort of tugs I am not on the and jerks a little when 20 to 35 miles per accelerator. It’s a manual transmission. Could it be the

  7. Genevieve Reply:

    Give her another little stroke to cheer her up!

  8. Lulu Reply:

    As a firefighter/EMT i will give you what we look for. First off there is not a mild heat stroke, there are 3 stages of hyperthermia or elevated heat levels. 1. is heat

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