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What is a sun stroke?

A sunstroke occurs when the body is overheated through overexposure to the sun & the brain can’t control the cooling process! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tora Reply:

    Home Remedies for Sunstroke in Kids. Sunstroke in kids is a serious issue, symptoms like hot skin, lack of sweat, headache and weak muscles are easy for Source:

  2. Noma Reply:

    (sŭn’strōk’) n. Heat stroke caused by exposure to the sun and characterized by a rise in temperature, convulsions, and coma. Also called insolation , siriasis .

  3. Carolyne Reply:

    Skin will become both hot and dry. Sweating usually stops. Breathing becomes rapid enough to bring on hyperventilation. (MORE?) Source:

  4. Caryl Reply:

    Prostration, mental confusion or loss of consciousness, collapse, hot dry skin, parched lips and tongue, faster breathing, weak thready pulse, headache. It is confirmed by a rectal temperature of 105 F or higher. Source:

  5. Donella Reply:

    Sun stroke, also called heat stroke, is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body fails to regulate its internal temperature usually because of overexposure to the sun. Being outdoors, in direct sunlight, for extend… Source:

  6. Manda Reply:

    How to avoid sun stroke? My wife’s Name is Sucheta,she is 21 yrs old ,she is chain smoker ,she always seems smoking to me.She smokes 120 cigs daily,She is suffering from skin

  7. Georgiann Reply:

    TreatmentUrgent CareIf someone shows the signs of sunstroke, seek medical treatment or call 911 immediately! Before medical treatment arrives, move the individual to a cool area! Provide cool drinks—preferably a sports drink containing both sugar and salt! Remove any constricting clothing!Treatment strategies depend on the severity of the symptoms! Treatment for sunstroke begins immediately upon diagnosis by a medical doctor! In mild cases, the body can be effectively cooled by taking the patient to a shaded or air-conditioned area, removing most clothing, and applying cool water or ice packs to the skin! Drinking iced fluids also helps return the body temperature to a safe level! In severe cases, treatment involves rapid cooling, either by immersing the body in an ice water bath or by evaporative cooling! In the latter procedure, large circulating fans blow cool air across wet skin!Self CareTake steps to prevent heatstroke and sunstroke! Drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun, and avoid strenuous activity during hot weather! In addition, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated!If you start to experience the symptoms of heatstroke, move to a cool, shady area and drink something cool—preferably a beverage containing both sugar and salt! Alternative MedicineSome people like to use chamomile flowers to relieve the symptoms of sunstroke, although the effectiveness of this treatment is uncertain! PrognosisRecovery from sunstroke depends on the speed and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment! When treatment for sunstroke is administered promptly, the patient can expect a full recovery in one or two days! In severe cases, when body temperature climbs to 106°F (41!1°C), sunstroke can cause shock! After prolonged exposure to such high body temperatures, brain damage can occur! Death occurs in about 20% of heatstroke cases according to one study! The likelihood of dying from heatstroke increases with a longer duration of heat exposure!Follow-upAfter a full recovery from heatstroke, little follow-up care is needed! Recovered patients may want to rest and stay in cool areas for several days! Patients should also adopt aggressive prevention strategies to keep sunstroke from recurring!

  8. Lucienne Reply:

    sunstroke ( ) n. Heat stroke caused by exposure to the sun and characterized by a rise in temperature, convulsions, and coma.

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