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What is an embolic stroke?

Embolic stroke! An embolic stroke occurs when a blood clot or other particle forms in a blood vessel away from your brain More?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Angie Reply:

    How to Prevent Embolic Stroke. Embolic stroke is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. An embolic stroke essentially occurs when a blood Source:

  2. Sherita Reply:

    An embolus is a small clot of blood, it can go around the body with no problems until it gets to the small blood vessles. An embolic stroke is a stroke caused by a blood clot in the brain, and a stroke is death of a small area of brain tiss

  3. Aleen Reply:

    Ischemic types of stokes are caused by a thrombus or embolus. A blood clot in an area outside of the brain, such as the heart or neck, dislodges from its site of origin and circulates through the bloodstream toward the brain, where it block… Source:

  4. Shelia Reply:

    An embolic stroke is a stroke caused by a cerebral embolism. A cerebral embolism occurs due to the blockage of a blood vessel in the brain. There are several medical conditions that can result in a cerebral embolism, thereby causing an embo… Source:

  5. Catherina Reply:

    Embolic stroke is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. An embolic stroke essentially occurs when a blood clot prevents the proper circulation of blood to the brain resulting in damage of essential aspects of brain func… Source:

  6. Kathey Reply:

    Canine Fibrocartilaginous Embolic Myelopathy? Recently our pet miniature schnauzer showed a slight limp to. The onset of the condition was diagnosed with this condition her ri

  7. Anneliese Reply:

    Wow, thats a pretty big question quite frankly! I will assume that we are only talking about ischemic stroke rather then hemorrhagic stroke otherwise all these drugs would need to be avoided! Short answer, yes warfarin is indicated for some patients with a history of stroke! It is way to complicated for me to write out an answer for and do it justicehttp://stroke!ahajournals!org/cgi/content/full/37/2/577http://stroke!ahajournals!org/cgi/reprint/STROKEAHA!107!189063v1The first link is to the american stroke association/american heart association guidelines on how to manage risk of secondary stroke in patients with history of ischemic events! More or less it is the bible as far as most doctors are concerned (obviously its recomendations need to be tailored to specific patients)The second link is to a short update to the guidelines that was published it gets pretty technical with lots of medical jargon but if you can manage to get through it you will get all your questions answeredI saw you are from australia, I have no clue what guidelines they follow in your country, but they are looking at the same studies published in the medical literature so I cant imagine they would be to different from the US guidelines!

  8. Deborah Reply:

    An embolic stroke refers to the blockage of an artery by an arterial embolus, a travelling particle or debris in the arterial

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