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What is the difference between a heart attack

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  1. Angelia Reply:

    How to Tell the Difference Between a Heart Attack and Heartburn. If you've ever finished a meal and began to experience chest pain, you might have found Source:

  2. Melani Reply:

    Sudden cardiac arrest is often confused with a heart attack. Although a prior heart attack increases one’s risk for sudden cardiac arrest, the two are quite different

  3. Vernita Reply:

    First and foremost Symptoms vary in every person. Some might have ‘tell tale signs’, while others have symptoms of severe hearburn. <br/><br/>Although some heart attacks are sudden, most heart attacks start slowly, with mild pain. The following are s… Source:

  4. Chantell Reply:

    Most heart attacks are caused by a buildup of plaque on the inner walls of the coronary arteries. When a section of the plaque breaks open it will cause a blood clot to form. When the clot becomes large enough to cut off most or all of the … Source:

  5. Shaun Reply:

    In men the signs of a heart attack are usually chest pain sometimes radiating down the left side. In women secondary symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausia, and vomiting are more common to be early warnings. Men can get the secondary … Source:

  6. Ashly Reply:

    Heart attack and heart seizure are general laymen terms that are frequently used interchangeably and can describe a broad spectrum of heart related conditions! Sudden death caused by a heart problem is usually related to an arrhythmia, a severe disturbance of the electrical triggering of heart muscle without warning and sometimes with no prior symptoms! The heart ceases its normal pumping action and chaotically spasms! This could be more accurately labeled as a heart seizure! If the individual is already in a hospital setting they may be saved by quick action with a defibrillator! (the charge and clear shouts you hear in a TV medical drama when they zap the patients chest!) A heart attack more often refers to the condition brought about by a blockage of an artery that feeds blood to heart muscle! The medical terms for the myriad heart conditions are more accurate and may require a bit of explaining to the average individual! Anytime the heart stops pumping for whatever reason, it could be called a heart attack while not technically accurate the end result may be the same!

  7. Fredericka Reply:

    Is There a Difference Between a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and a Heart Attack? A heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest are not the same thing. A heart attack is

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